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Hi, I'm Denise Cherish. Welcome to my site about colleges and universities. There are so many undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate education options available today. Some of the options specialize in a particular set of subjects, while others offer a wide range of degree focuses. I would like to use this site to help everyone explore the educational institutions operating today. I will discuss degree options, job prospects and other information that will help everyone find their perfect school. I may even discuss success tactics that students can use to improve their performance in school. Thank you for visiting my site.


Balancing Duty and Education: Tips for Choosing a College as an Active Military Personnel

25 July 2023
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As an active military personnel, pursuing higher education can seem overwhelming, but it’s not impossible. Balancing duty and education requires a lot of planning and preparation. Choosing the right college is crucial to achieving your academic goals while continuing to serve your country. So, how do you select the right college to attend? Consider Class Format The first factor to consider when choosing a college is the class format. Your options for learning include traditional classrooms, online classes, or a blend of the two. Read More …

Returning To College? Two Reasons To Seek Out Financial Aid Assistance

23 February 2023
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Going back to college after a long stint in the workforce can actually be a very fun endeavor. You'll be surrounded by other learners who are eager to either gain the information they need to land their first job or others who want to switch over to a more fulfilling career. It's sure to require a lot of time and effort to secure your degree but all of the energy should be worth it in the end. Read More …