Balancing Duty and Education: Tips for Choosing a College as an Active Military Personnel

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Balancing Duty and Education: Tips for Choosing a College as an Active Military Personnel

25 July 2023
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As an active military personnel, pursuing higher education can seem overwhelming, but it’s not impossible. Balancing duty and education requires a lot of planning and preparation. Choosing the right college is crucial to achieving your academic goals while continuing to serve your country. So, how do you select the right college to attend?

Consider Class Format

The first factor to consider when choosing a college is the class format. Your options for learning include traditional classrooms, online classes, or a blend of the two. As active military personnel, you’ll want to choose a college that offers the most flexible class schedule for you. An online or blended course setting may work better since these formats allow you to complete assignments and coursework at your own pace, regardless of location or deployment. E-learning makes it easy for you to balance your duty and education.

Location and Distance

When picking a college to attend, location plays a significant role. You’ll have to consider schools that are close to your duty station or post. Consider the distance and how easy it is to commute. You might be deployed or suddenly need to travel for work; so, selecting a college that is near your duty station or base is advantageous.

Military Support Services

Colleges that understand the unique challenges of military personnel offer a variety of support services. These services could include counseling services, academic assistance, and flexible schedules. Military-friendly colleges can assist in navigating military tuition assistance as well as military benefits available to military students. You will want to choose a college that offers academic counseling and assistance to help you achieve your educational goals.


Costs are an essential factor to consider when choosing a college. Active-duty personnel and veterans have access to financial assistance through the Military Tuition Assistance program, which offers financial aid towards tuition charges. This assistance program is administered by each branch of the military. Ensure you choose a college within your budget that has affordable tuition.

Discipline-Specific Programs

Whether you are interested in pursuing a degree in cybersecurity or nursing, picking a college with a strong program in your field is crucial. Look for colleges with discipline-specific programs that match your career interests. Such a college provides a rigorous yet satisfying education that makes you stand out in your field.

Choosing the right college when you’re active military personnel requires careful consideration of multiple factors. With the right college, you can get educated and serve your country simultaneously.

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