3 Reasons Why Online Learning Can Be a Valuable Education Source

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3 Reasons Why Online Learning Can Be a Valuable Education Source

8 December 2015
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Colleges and universities are starting to capitalize on the internet in order to provide courses to people who may not be able to attend campus-based classes. You can see evidence of this simply by searching for course notes and recorded lectures – you can pretty much access any academic information you want through the internet. With that said, many people are still apprehensive about making the shift from campus-based course to online learning. If this sounds like you, below are three great reasons why online learning can truly add value to your university or college life:

Lower Costs

One of the main reasons people choose online courses over campus-based learning is that the cost of tuition is typically much lower. The reason for this is that the college or organisation has low running costs for their online curricula – lectures are recorded, notes are provided in digital format, and they do not have to provide a space for the class to meet.

As a student, your living costs are also much cheaper when studying online. Commuting costs are removed, study material costs are minimal, and you don't incur the little day-to-day expenses that campus life can throw at you. As such, if you're looking to make the most of your budget, studying online is one of the most financially savvy ways to gain an education at minimal cost.

Much More Flexible

Some students may not enjoy sticking to a prescribed timetable. For those who favor flexibility, the routine of campus life can be frustrating with the rigid structure of a college or university lecture timetable.

Many students also work while studying, which can be difficult to balance in a regular higher education course. Some students enrolled in campus-based courses find that their work and study lives can't coexist peacefully, and when this happens, something has to give. As an online learner, you can structure the entire course around your existing timetable. This gives you the opportunity to work whatever shifts you want, as you can restructure your study schedule to accommodate this.

More Relaxed Learning Environment

This is more of a personal one, as your preferences will dictate whether you prefer campus-based or online learning. However, some may find crammed auditoriums intimidating or a difficult place to concentrate, causing them to become distracted and take poor notes.

If you are a shy person, online courses offer you the platform to voice your opinion without having to announce your thoughts to a packed lecture hall. In fact, the majority of online courses provide a number of discussion boards, which are to be used in place of regular class discussions. Many people find that they are able to formalize their thoughts better from behind a computer screen, allowing to them give well-reasoned arguments to the lecturer's questions.

However, if you still find yourself favoring a classroom setting, consider looking into local establishments that offer adult education classes and determine which might best suit your needs.